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To Your Health……and Wellness

By Cynthia K. Klinowski, RN, MSN

The old adage that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is sage advice.  There is no doubt that to stay healthy is the ideal.  However, as human beings we are all unique, and many of us may fall short of doing all that we can to practice good prevention—especially disease prevention.  Regulatory bodies encourage us to practice preventive health care by supporting programs for immunizations, screenings and the reporting of communicable diseases.  But in the long run we are personally responsible for our own bodily health and well-being.
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Your good health is more than a matter of proper diet and exercise.  Genetic or environmental factors may predispose you to certain diseases or chronic conditions.  Behavior and habits in the face of such factors can directly contribute to managing such undesirable conditions.  Regardless of what you may think, you have a great deal of power over many aspects of your health.  Remarkable improvements to your physical and mental well-being can occur when you take control.  You can take action.  You can change behavior.  There is much you can accomplish by simply doing a little bit.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  The inclusion of well-being seems to 
expand the idea of health to include a sense of appreciation for life.  The concept of well-being, however, is being addressed by many persons and health care professionals around the country as inseparable and therefore essential to health and wellness
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Wellness is considered an enhancement of health and well-being.  It has been defined as a process of living healthier and growing in appreciation of yourself, others, and your environment.  Wellness is taking care of oneself, or self-care.  Mothers have been talking about it for centuries.  The prevention of sickness with “spring tonics” and the use of folk medicine and home remedies are part of all families and cultures.
Taking care of yourself includes taking measures to increase community and environmental health.  In today’s complex society, many new scientific findings concerning treatments, nutritional needs, risk factors, and disease prevention are announced of a routine basis.  Sometimes these announcements are “cure-alls” and do not accurately represent the facts.

Taking care of yourself today requires knowledge and commitment.  It is more than remembering Mother’s admonition to “Put on that sweater or you’ll catch pneumonia.”  Wellness is an active approach to health which is based on physical, mental and social principles.  This includes such activities as eating healthful foods, exercising, reducing bodily and environmental risk factors for chronic disease, and taking care of one’s financial resources.  Wellness can also be thought of as the ability to maximize one’s state of being, whatever that state may be.  Remember that wellness is an individual commitment it is never too late to make that commitment to feel better and increase your enjoyment of life.

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