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My parent is being released from the hospital and needs continuing medical care—should I choose a Skilled Nursing Facility?

By Bob Gregory

When an aging parent has a serious illness and has to be hospitalized for three or more days many times they require medical care after they are released from the hospital. An illness that causes impaired physical or cognitive function usually requires a higher level of care.  If your parent lives alone or you are trying to provide the assistance they need, you may want to consider a Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Facility.

Benefits of Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation are as follows:
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  • They provide overall management and evaluation of an individual's care plan
  • They observe and assess a patient's changing condition, including identifying and evaluating the patient's need for changes in treatment or for additional treatment
  • There is 24 hour care and supervision by nursing staff
  • They provide occupational, speech and physical therapy on a daily basis
  • All care is provided on-site so there are no transportation worries
  • Medicare covers the first 20 days at 100 percent if the patient shows continuous improvement and then there is a co-pay for days 21-100.
  • Studies have shown that patient re-hospitalization is reduced when rehabilitation is completed in a Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Facility
  • Skilled care helps your parent get better, function more independently, and/or learn to take care of their health needs.
  • It allows you the flexibility to continue your own daily routines knowing your parent is in good care.

Your parent’s physician and the hospital social worker will help guide you in the level of care needed.  In most cases your parent’s physician will recommend a Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Facility, if they don’t, I recommend you ask if that level of care is necessary or will increase the speed at which you parent recovers.

If you find you need a Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Facility, Assisted Living Facility, Nursing Home or any other type of Senior Facility, I hope you will consider

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