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How important is the Activities Director in an Assisted Living Facility?

By Bob Gregory

If you are considering an Assisted Living Facility for yourself or an elderly parent, it is vitally important to meet and interview the Activities Director. The Activities Director is responsible for making sure planned activities meet the needs of residents. Activities must be developed, scheduled and evaluated constantly. The physical and mental well-being of residents can be affected by the types of activities offered.

The following are some questions you will want to ask:

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  • What are your qualifications for being the Activities Director and how long have you been at the facility?
  • How do you determine what my loved one’s interests are and how soon after they move into the facility will this be done?
  • Are residents taken out of the facility on a regular basis for activities?
  • Do you have a means of communicating with families who cannot visit on a regular basis to keep them informed of their loved ones participation in activities?
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  • Do you tailor activities to the resident’s interest (for example: My mom likes to garden. Is there a  lace on site where she can use her skills and continue her love of gardening?)
  • Do you have activities which will require my loved on to be challenged mentally and physically?
  • Since this move may be resisted by my loved one, how will you connect with them and make sure they want to be included in the activities offered?
Be sure to ask for a copy of the Activities Calendar and review the activities offered to see if they would interest your parent. Many studies have shown that residents who feel they are socially and emotionally engaged with other people feel more independent and positive about their life.  You may also want to consult your parent’s physician to see if there are activities that they should or should not participate in and then see if the Activities Director can accommodate your parent.  Keep in mind that an Activities Director is not always a requirement for an Assisted Living Facility as opposed to a Nursing Home where it is required.  Also, each state has different standards so be sure to check the requirements of your state. 

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