Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What if my parent is not happy in the Senior Facility?

By Bob Gregory

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If you have moved your parent into an Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home and they are unhappy, don’t rush to transfer them to another facility. There could be many reasons for your parent’s unhappiness that do not have anything to do with the senior facility!

Many elders do not want to leave their homes and most of their possessions when they move even though they readily admit that they need help. Most have a very hard time adjusting to a new environment and it can take time!

If you have any doubt about the facility you should talk to your parent to get specific details as to why they do not like the facility. Look into their complaints carefully. If their complaints do not seem valid you should:

  • Try to spend as much time as possible with your parent to help ease them into their new environment. Talk to them about their unhappiness and what will make them happy.

  • Discuss the positive attributes of the facility your parent is currently living in with them, such as the care provided, activities, environment, location and even the food.

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  • Talk to the aides and nurses in the facility who care for to your parent to see what your parent is saying to them and what their attitude is like when you are not present.

  • Visit the facility at varying times during the day and especially on weekends to see if your parent is involved in any activities and whether they are enjoying themselves.

  • Talk to your parent’s physician and have them evaluate your parent’s mental and physical condition to see if there is an underlying reason for their unhappiness—it could be depression.

  • Involve the staff to help your parent find another resident who shares common interests and work toward helping your parent build a friendship with that person.

If you cannot discover any reasons for your parent’s unhappiness you need to make it clear to your parent that if they leave this facility, they will be moving to another Senior Facility and not back to their home or to yours. Some parents feel that if they complain enough their child will move them back home or into their home and care for them.  Hopefully you had this discussion prior to a move to a Senior Facility, but if not, better late than never! 

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