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What gifts for the Holiday are appropriate for my parent is in a Senior Facility?

Holiday shopping can be such a joy!  Choosing just the right present and anticipating the happiness and excitement it will bring the person receiving the gift makes shopping fun.  But it can be a challenge when you are shopping for a loved one who is in a Senior Facility such as an Assisted Living Facility or a Nursing Home.  Your choice of gifts can sometimes be limited due to the living environment and the physical ability of your parent.  To help you choose a gift, I have put together a list of gifts that are appropriate for people living in a Senior Facility—hopefully these will spark other ideas!

Gifts to consider for loved ones in a Senior Facility:

  1. The most valued and appreciated gift is the gift of your time
    • Visit often
    • Bring Family members
    • Bring old friends
    • Bring church members

  1. Personal items they may like but are not necessarily a necessity
    • Hand Lotions
      Pile of gorgeous gifts
      Pile of gorgeous gifts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
    • Lip Baum
    • Powders
    • Special Shaving Lotions
    • Grooming Products
    • Perfume/After Shave

  1. Items for warmth
    • Robes
    • Slippers
    • Blankets
    • Shawls
    • Sweaters
    • Warm-up Suits

  1. Decorative items for their room—keep space in mind!
    • Flowers—fresh or silk
    • Picture frames with family photos
    • Wall hangings
    • Decorative baskets for personal items
    • Presents
      Presents (Photo credit: alliecreative)
    • Decorative clocks

  1. Entertainment Gifts—make sure they are not too technical
    • CD player
    • CDs of favorite music (you can create yourself)
    • DVDs of favorite movies or shows (make sure they have appropriate player)
    • Photo albums—book version or electronic—load them with special photos!
    • Board Games, Video Games (if appropriate), Card Games
    • Books with large print, magazines or newspaper subscriptions
    • An Ipad, or Tablet if they are tech-savvy

  1. Clothing for the Holiday
    • Holiday sweaters, socks or ties
    • Festive outfit for parties at the Senior Facility or outside the facility if they are able to attend
    • Hats or bonnets

  1. Holiday Foods—make sure they fit any special diet
    • Seasonal Candies
    • Seasonal Cookies or Cakes
    • Goody Bags
      Goody Bags (Photo credit: The Life of Bryan)
    • Special drinks—check with medical staff before providing anything alcoholic!

  1. Holiday outings are special gifts if your parent is able to attend

Hopefully these will spark other ideas or at least give you a direction for shopping for your parent in a Senior Facility.  Keep in mind that most facilities have their own parties and sometimes gifts are exchanged.  Make sure you have some small wrapped gifts your parent can exchange with friends and please do not overlook the caregivers who take great care of your parent!  Lots of small gifts for your parent extend the fun and excitement so wrap as many as you can separately.

Finally, if your parent is Spiritual, help them keep their spirituality during the Holidays.  Most facilities have services but take your parent to their place of worship it they are capable of traveling, it will mean a lot during the Holidays!

I hope some of these gift ideas and tips will make this Holiday Season more enjoyable for your parent or loved one that resides in a Senior Facility.  If you find you need an Assisted Living Facility, Nursing Home or any other type of Senior Facility, I hope you will consider

If you would like to contribute your thoughts and ideas, please leave them in our comment section. We want to hear them. Helping people care for themselves or their loved ones is what we care about. 

We look forward to reading yours.

Bob Gregory is an advocate for Seniors and is one of the founders of At, we are dedicated to helping families get the Elder Care help they need without having to provide their personal information! If you find you need an Assisted Living Facility or other type of senior facility, please consider

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